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Friday, July 22, 2016

Refinished Pink and White Dresser

This dresser has been around for awhile.  I've had it for at least ten years, and it has served many purposes in my places of living.

It was given to me by a friend when I had my very first apartment, and given to her before that.  I painted it black, distressed it, added hardware and used it in my living room of that first apartment that I made my home for two years.

The dresser came with me to my second apartment and was used in the tiny breakfast area to display my coffee maker and coffee cups. 

When I married my husband, it came with me to his bachelor pad, and was used in our bedroom ,as I attempted to turn the barren spaces of his first house into our starter home.

When we bought our first home together, the one we live in now and have fixed up on our own, this dresser was given glass knobs and used in the dining room once again to display dishes.

And now, as we've grown the family by three kids, it's getting a makeover and being used in Baby Girl's ro.

My point ~ free can go a long way!  A good solid piece of furniture has a lot of life to give!
I decided to paint this dresser pink and white.  I have a lot of pink in the room and was careful not to overdo bold pink pallets.  With the other dresser in the room being pink, I felt like just having pink drawers on this piece was the right touch.

I refinished this piece the way I refinished the dresser I shared yesterday, and the way I refinish most pieces, with no sanding required……

1)    I started by cleaning the dresser with TSP cleaner. It can be found at most hardware stores.  I buy mine in a powder and mix it in a spray bottle. 
2)    Using a foam roller I primed the dresser with Zinsser Cover Stain primer.  It took two coats to fully cover this piece of furniture.  I keep this paint on hand for when I find furniture to refinish. The white on this dresser is the primer
3)    For the drawers, I chose the color "Jaipur pink" from Sherwin Williams.  I've used Sherwin Williams paint on several pieces.  I like that I can buy a sample of paint for a decent price, and it gives me more than enough paint for two coats on a piece of furniture.
4)    I kept the glass knobs I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago.  Sometimes I replace the hardware, but for this dresser I liked the look of the glass.
5)    Tip:  Always take out the drawers when painting and let paint dry completely before applying a new coat.  The primer and the sponge roller are key to getting a streak-free finish without needing to sand, so don't skip those steps.  
6)   Note:  This method is only recommended for solid wood pieces.  The paint will peel on laminate pieces.
To accessorize the dresser I displayed my DIY headband holder, a gold giraffe and gold polka dot jar for pacifiers (both found at Hobby Lobby), a Dollar Tree teddy bear, a piggy bank that was a gift and a Goodwill lamp and garage sale lampshade. 

The mirror above the dresser was a garage sale find and was used above this dresser in the dining room.  It came upstairs with the dresser to be used in the nursery.
I'm happy with the new look of this dresser.  I think the white and pink of both dressers go together nicely and work perfect in this room!

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