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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Whimsical Fabric Banner for Girl Nursery

Good Morning!  It's day two of posting about DIY projects that were completed for our little girl's nursery.  I'll start the morning off by sharing an easy fabric banner that looks both rustic and whimsical.
What I love about this is that I just used scrap fabric from all of the other textile projects from this room!  Extra fabric from the curtains and bedding, along with pieces of ribbon from other projects, were recycled to make this piece.
To make the banner, I simply tore fabric into approximately one inch thick pieces. 

I then cut several pieces of fabric and ribbon into approximately twelve inch length strips. 

From there, I just tied the pieces onto a long piece of twine, arranging the pieces in somewhat of a pattern.

I did not measure anything.  What makes this look whimsical is that it is perfectly imperfect.  I just eyeballed the width and length of the pieces.  Perfection is not the goal here.  Getting the banner completed in 15 minutes or less was my goal!

Lastly, I nailed the banner above the crib and under a wooden monogram that I spray painted gold.
I really like the simplicity of this banner and how it looks in combination with the monogram over the crib.  It makes a great focal point on the wall and helps tie the room together by using all of the different colors and fabrics from the room.

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