In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ Proverbs 3:6

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Introduction to My Real Life Love Story

        As of today, it's officially summer, which means the graduation season has past and the wedding season is upon us.  There's just something about summer that gets those wedding bells a ringin'.  Like many couples, Matt and I planned a June wedding.  In fact, we have our "fakiversary" coming up this weekend.  Yes, that's right, you read correctly.  We call it our “fakiversary”, because we celebrate our real anniversary in March on the day we legally became husband and wife before God, our pastor and our parents.  It’s sort of confusing to some people, so stay with me while I try to explain.  Even though we got married in March (for spontaneous reasons that I will share later), we had already planned and paid for a June wedding, so we went ahead and had the June ceremony as planned…...but since we were already married by the time the June ceremony rolled around, we ended up renewing our vows and celebrating our love with close family and friends ~ thus, our anniversary is March 20, and our "fakiversary" is June 26. Yes, that's right, I am the lucky girl who ended up having two weddings!  Matt kind of got the bad end of the deal on that one, but it works out great for me!  Two weddings may sound kind of crazy, but looking back on it, I wouldn't have it any other way.  It’s just another twist in a beautiful love story ~ or at least it’s a beautiful story to me.
Most of us have a love story.  Some of our stories may be happier than others, but at some point in our life, most of us will  love someone with a kind of love that God only meant for the one He wants us to be with.  Not everyone experiences that in life, and I think that’s ok.  I think there is a lot of good that can come from being single, and as someone who was determined to stay single for a very long time, I don’t think that one has to have the kind of love story I’m talking about to be happy in life….but that is neither here nor there, so I’d better get to the point of this post. 
Now where was I….ah yes, I was talking about real life love stories.  There are a lot of things about my love story that may sound kind of crazy to some people.  I would definitely be one of those people if it wasn’t my life I was talking about.  The whole idea of marrying someone after just a few months of knowing them is a little bit out there for most people.  Again, I would definitely be one of those people if it wasn’t me I was talking about.  Everything about my relationship with Matt was quick and completely unexpected!  Matt and I met in April 2008, but were merely acquaintances until October of that year when we began a fast and furious dating relationship that led to an engagement four months later.  Before I even got the ring in February of 2009,we had a wedding and honeymoon planned for late June.  The wedding was planned and pretty much paid for by late February, but we ended up getting married in March and renewing our vows in a June ceremony before family and friends.  Two years have now past, and life together just keeps getting better all the time. I guess you could call that the shortened version of my love story.  It's the little details that I didn't share with you in this post that make my love story special to me, because it’s those details that I know only God Himself could have orchestrated to bring two people together for a lifetime of love and happiness.  Over the next few days, I hope to share with you a little more about those details as I try to recall and put into writing my real life love story.


  1. Rachel, I teared up while reading this & you know I don't have a heart! I was so happy when Mary told me about Matt. :D Luv ya!

  2. It's so neat to read about your story! I was so happy for you when Mom told me about your getting married! It was so nice to get to meet Matt last month. Can't wait to hear more of your story!