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Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Fantabulous Yard Sale Finds

I have been praying for specific needs and wants for our home during this year's garage sale season.  The Lord has been faithful to provide nearly everything on my list for a great price, and the season's not over yet.  I'm so glad that nothing is too small for God!  I know that it is not luck that has led me to so many great deals this year, but it's God supplying our needs and wants for our home for a fraction of the retail cost.  I really enjoy making our house a home, but Matt and I have budget that we are determined to stick to.  Thrift stores, yard sales and DIY projects have helped us get more bang for our buck.  Each week the house is becoming more of the home that I envisioned it to be the moment I walked through its doors six months ago, and I'm loving that!

Check how far $30 stretched at last weekends garage sales :)

The console table and porch swing with the chains were $10 each. I need to paint the swing white and make a few pillows for it, but I was ecstatic when I found it for such a great price.  The console table is practically new and it matches the furniture in our loft perfectly!

The large storage basket was $5, and I think it's going to end up in our bedroom.  The bird cage candle holder needs a coat of spray paint.  Bird cages are really popular right now in the home decor section of many stores, but they cost a lot more than the $2 that I paid for mine :)

I have a front door wreath for every season except spring.....that is until now! This wreath is in great shape and would have cost me a minimum of $30 to buy new.  I only paid $3 for this pretty spring wreath.

I really want to finish my dining room table and chairs this weekend!  I am so close to having it completed, and these chairs are the only thing left for me finish.  I found them at a rummage a sale last weekend.  I know they look hideous now, but they are the exact matching chairs to my dining room set that I found a few months ago.......and would you believe that I was in need of three chairs!  What are the odds!   That's not just luck!  The rummage sale was for a good cause, and all sales were by donations.  I gave them the only cash I had on me ~ my twenty dollar bill!  It was a win-win situation!

Although they are filthy in this pic, I've already cleaned them up, and they look fabulous now!  The rockers were something that Matt wanted for the front porch, so I told him we'd put it on our garage sale list and pray about it.  Although I wanted to sleep in this past Friday, I pulled myself out of bed to hit a few garage sales first thing in the morning (that's the best time to go ~ most the good stuff is gone by 10:00).   I'm so glad I woke up, because I spotted these chairs as soon I turned into the first community sale of the morning.  $25 each ~ um, yes I'll take them!   Good thing I got there early, because four other people tried to buy them after I paid for them.  I had to rope them in the trunk of my car one at a time and make two trips to get them home, but they were worth it!  The cheapest I've found them online is $78 each, and that is for the ones with not-so-great reviews.  These rockers would have easily been over $100 each brand new!  They are good sturdy rockers ~ definitely not cheapos;)   I spent three hours cleaning them with bleach water and giving them a new coat of paint Friday afternoon.  Now they are as good as new!   I'll have a post about their transformation coming soon:)


  1. super buys,, that console table was a super buy,,, lucky you,the wreath is beautiful, the birdcage lantern too,

  2. All great buys!! And the prices, you can't beat that!

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  4. You are a pro at garage sales. Most of the time I just find junk. You are so right about your dining room chairs. It was faith to find 3 of the very same chairs that you needed. :-)


  5. Such great finds! I've been looking for a console table for about 3 months. Now I feel motivated to keep looking :)

  6. Very nice finds love the rockers, what a find, and the console table!


  7. Great did good!! Come visit me when you can!

  8. WOW!! That swing was a STEAL! Girl, you are a bargain huntress! Great finds!