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Monday, April 20, 2015

Parenting Twins - The First Year (Month Twelve)

I’m about a month late getting this blog post up.....I know, I know.  The boys are thirteen months old in two days, and I'm just now sitting down to write this.  But here it is....their twelve month post.  This is the last post in this series, because it's official.....we have one year old toddlers!  We survived our first year with twins, and what a year it was! 

The last month of their first year was a busy one.  Our guys started out the month by taking their first steps.  Ethan led the way, and Aaron soon followed.  Ethan just took off, falling over and over again, but would get right back up and keep going.  Aaron was much more cautious.  He took each step very seriously, and you could tell he was really thinking about putting one foot in front of the other.  By their first birthday, they were walking like little pros.  

I spent much of the month planning their birthday party.  It was actually a great distraction for me.  Staying busy with the party planning, meant I didn't have to sit and sob over the fact that I no longer have babies!  The boys had a great birthday party, celebrating with friends and family!  Plenty of posts about their party will be coming soon.  

On the down side, this month the boys had to have a minor procedure done that involved a day at the hospital with anesthesia, and about a week of recovery.  It kept us busy for a week, but the  boys healed nicely.

I'll finish this post like I always do with a few pictures of my little blessings.  For the past year, I have made sure to have the camera out at least once a week to capture every bit of my little guys growing from tiny babies to big toddlers.  Growing they have certainly done!  My Baby A (Aaron Elijah) was only 5.7 pounds at birth and 5 pounds the day we brought him home from the hospital.  On his first birthday he was 21 pounds!  And Baby B (Ethan Matthew) who was bigger at birth, weighing 6 pounds and 5.8 when we brought him home, now weighs 18.14!  What big boys I now have!  A year ago I was a sleep deprived Mama, taking the boys on car rides just to get them to stop crying.  Today, I'm still one tired Mama, but I'm tired because I spend my day chasing two very active toddlers!  I'm looking forward to the next year, as we make the transition from toddlers to terrible twos!  These two little guys will be keeping us busy for sure!

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