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Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby Girl Bow and Headband Frame

When I found out we were pregnant with a baby girl this past February, a lot of things went though my mind.  I found myself excited about having a girl for several reasons.  One reason being that I was going to get to create a space for a little girl to grow up in, by turning our guestroom into a girl's room.  To do this, there was much planning and DIYing that had to be done before Baby Girl's arrival.
I plan on spending the next several days posting about all of the DIY projects that were completed for Baby Girl's nursery.  
I'll start this morning by sharing a simple bow and headband display made with a cheap Goodwill picture frame, spray paint, ribbon, hot glue and hooks. 
For this project, I simply bought a frame at Goodwill, took the picture and the glass out of the frame and spray painted the frame gold.  Once dry, I cut four strips of ribbon the length of my frame, and hot glued the strips of ribbon to the back of the frame.
I then tied a piece of ribbon to each bracket on the back of the frame, and then I tied those two pieces of ribbon together, creating something that could hang on the wall from the ribbon.

Lastly, I bought a pack of small gold hooks from the hardware store and screwed them into the bottom of the wooden frame.  This would be a good time to say that this worked only because my frame was wooden.  A plastic frame would not have worked for this.
I'm very pleased with how this turned out.  Thank you Pinterest for the idea, as this was super-easy and displays bows and head bands.



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