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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Easy Paper Banner for Girl's Nursery

This afternoon I want to very quickly share an easy project I did for Charlotte's nursery that only cost me a couple of bucks.

Yes it's another banner.

I know I shared a fabric banner this morning.  Adorable banners are all the rage lately, and both of the banners I'm sharing today are visually different from one another in several ways.
Unlike the banner I shared this morning, this one is more of a traditional banner with triangles made from scrapbook paper. 

To make this I simply used a triangle template, traced the triangle on the back of scrapbook paper, cut out the triangles, folded the top edges of the triangles over a piece of twine, taped the folded edges to the twine, and spaced the paper triangles evenly on the twine.

Triangle or banner templates can be found for free on the internet.  Anyone can do a Google search and print a template that can be cut out from computer paper or cardstock.  For this particular banner, I just used  one of the banner pieces I had from the boys' birthday party.
Once complete, I nailed the banner underneath a chalkboard that I purchased from the clearance section of my local Home Goods, and later wrote the phrase, "Dream Big Baby Girl!" on it before hanging it on the wall.
This is such an easy project that I sometimes feel it shouldn't even be called a project.  But it's the little details like this that, in my opinion, help complete the look of a space. 

This little corner of the wall wouldn't quite be the same if I only hung the chalkboard on the wall but didn't hang the banner underneath it.

Because, for me, details are important. 

It's those finishing touches that help enhance what was already there.

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