In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ Proverbs 3:6

{ My Family }

My Husband

I married the love of my life in 2009.   Matt is my rock, and I am so thankful that the Lord brought him into my life.   There are some unique parts to our love story that I took the time to share in a series of blog posts, such as a short dating relationship, an even shorter engagement and two weddings.  If that’s at all peaked your interest, you can read more about our love story at the following links.

Our Real Life Love Story


Our Desire for Children
Kiddos?  Well, we would love kids, but we don’t have any yet.  Getting pregnant is not as easy as we had hoped.  After working with my doctor to get pregnant in 2012, we were officially referred to a fertility specialist in 2013.  With the help of doctors, we have attempted several different treatment plans to help us get pregnant.  None of them have been successful, but we are desperately praying that the Lord will bless us with a family. 

While journeying through infertility, we also committed ourselves to the process of adoption.  Adoption was something that we always had a heart for.  We are only at the beginning phases of our adoption process, but we are hoping that we will be able to finalize our adoption with China some time in 2015.  We would love to have both biological and adopted children, if that’s what the Lord has for us. We anxiously await what the Lord has in store for our family.

For now, we are trying to be content with our four-legged babies.  Matt had a dog when I married him, and I had a cat.  They sort of have a love/hate relationship that is humorous to watch.  While they weren’t too fond of each other in the beginning, I think they’ve definitely grown on each other. 

Our Dog Molly

Our Cat Chloe
We unexpectedly had to put our beloved dog Molly down in the summer of 2013.  My husband was heartbroken, as she had a special place in his heart long before I ever even entered the picture.  We have not added any other four legged friends to our family yet, because......... week after Molly passed, we found out we had successfully gotten pregnant in July of 2013 and were four weeks along..... 
We found out we were carrying twins at six weeks....  
By sixteen weeks we found out it was twin boys....
Twin pregnancy has not been easy, but it has been a constant reminder to know that God "heard my cry and answered it"....
We are expecting our babies to arrive in March of 2013....

On March 22, 2014, we welcomed two beautiful, healthy baby boys into this world.....
Ethan Matthew and Aaron Elijah

In October of 2015, we applied for international adoption, hoping to adopt from China's Waiting Program.  That same month, we found out we were pregnant, naturally without any fertility medication!  Baby Asher is due in June of 2016.  We are still moving forward with the adoption, even though this pregnancy will delay our progress with the agency.  We are not expecting to be matched until early 2017 and are hoping to finalize the adoption and travel by the summer of 2017.   
After a very healthy pregnancy....
......We welcomed our miracle baby, Charlotte Adalynn, into the world in June of 2016.