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Friday, April 19, 2013

$2 Chalkboard Sign - Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago, I decided to decorate the second story shelf in my entry, and this sign ened up being part of my decor.

I found the frame at Goodwill for $1.99.  Since I purchased it on the first Saturday of the month, I only paid $1 for it.  I didn’t have a purpose for it at the time of purchase, but I loved the color and knew I could do something creative with it.

While thinking about things to put on my shelf in the entry, I remembered I had the frame and decided to make a chalk board sign out of it.  I wanted the sign to be light-weight, so I completed this project using a piece of foam board from the Dollar Tree and supplies that I already had in my craft drawer.

First, I cut the board to fit the frame.

Then, using chalk board paint a foam roller.....

......I painted the board.  

Once the paint had dried, I lined the board up with the frame to make sure it fit perfectly….

….and then I hot glued the board to the back of the frame.

Lastly, I took a piece of chalk and wrote “Home Sweet Home” on the board…..
…before enlisting my husband to climb on a ladder and arrange a few things for me.

Not too bad for a $2 project if you ask me:)

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