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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Going Yellow - When a Lamp Shade Meets a Napkin

I’m continuing my “Going Yellow” series today with a project I’ve entitled, “When a Lamp Shade Meets a Napkin.”

Yesterday I shared how I updated my DIY Wall Décor with some new yellow fabric to create DIY Wall Art Redo. Today I want to share how I updated this lamp with a new plain white shade and a festive napkin.

The original lamp shade was made with scrapbook paper.  You can go here for that tutorial.  For this update, I kept the Goodwill lamp that I spray painted black, but I got rid of the old lamp shade and made a new one. 

To start I bought a simple $8 lamp shade from Target and $3 napkin from World Market. 

I then tore the napkin in half and hot glued it around the shade. By tearing the napkin in half, I had enough fabric to cover the width of the lamp. The two pieces glued seamlessly together on the sides of the shade, because the napkins already had perfect hems.

I then glued the bottom hem of the napkin to the bottom of the shade.

Carefully making pleats, I glued the torn side of the napkin to the inside top of the shade.  To cover the torn part of the napkin,  I glued some pretty ribbon on the inside of the lamp.

I love how the napkin not only had some of the yellow I was looking for, but it also had some other bright colors in it as well. It gave me the right amount of pop I wanted for the space.

I'd say this lamp redo was a big success....and an inexpensive one at that.
Stay tuned for more yellow projects this week:)

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