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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Furniture Redo - from dresser to TV stand

I spent much of last fall furnishing our loft.  Because this is a large space, I wanted to utilize the area for several different purposes.  I wanted one half of the loft to be utilized as an office/library area, and I wanted  the other half  to be utilized as a family/media area.  Above all else, I needed the loft to have lots of storage.  This was the space in the house where I would store my craft supplies, games, DVDs, books, etc. 

I was ideally looking for an old dresser…… with lots of character…… and plenty of drawer space… an affordable price…… that with a lot of TLC could be repurposed as a TV stand/craft storage.  It took me over a year to finally find this dresser at Goodwill for $35.

This piece is heavy-duty solid wood!  The Goodwill guys helped me load it up, but Matt wasn't home  when I had to unload it. Let me tell ya, that was no easy feat!  I managed to slide it out onto the garage floor until he could get home to help me with it. 
In my mind, I knew exactly what I wanted the repurposed dresser to look like, and I knew that I was going to use ASCP (Annie Sloan chalk paint) to achieve my vision.  You can purchase chalk paint on the internet, but I have recently found a local vender who sells it. 
After buying my paint, it was time to get started.  First I painted the drawers with an ASCP paint brush. The color of the edges is province, and the other color is versailles.
After two coats of ASCP dried, I sanded the edges of the drawers to give the piece a more vintage look.
If you have ever used ASCP, you are familiar with the finishing wax. The wax comes in both a clear wax and a dark wax.
When using the wax, I brush it on with the ASCP wax brush and then wipe it with a rag.  The rag will be ruined when finished, so it is best to make sure it’s  an old rag.
This was my first time using the dark wax. I chose the dark wax because I wanted to make the piece look aged.

The three top drawers were a little difficult to work with because of the detail, but I managed to get by.  When working with something so detailed, be careful with the wax.  It tends to clump if you aren’t careful.

Once the drawers were finished, I moved on to the actual dresser by applying two coats of province ASCP and one coat of dark wax. 

This picture shows how the dried wax looks after being wiped with a rag.

In the end, this was the finished piece!

I absolutely adore this piece of furniture!  I love the dark wax over these two colors!

The dresser was too heavy for Matt and I to carry up the stairs on our own.  Thankfully, a guy from church graciously volunteered to help Matt carry it to the loft.  Once we got it upstairs, I had one final thing I needed to do…..add hardware to the top three drawers, while keeping the original hardware on the bottom six drawers.  Oh, and of course we now needed a TV for the loft, which was the perfect excuse to do a little Back Friday shopping with the hubs;)
So let's break down the cost of this project. The dresser was $35 and the paint....welll the paint is not cheap. After two colors of paint and a dark wax, I walked away paying about $100 for supplies. I personally think the cost is worth it. I love the character ASCP gives to certain peices of furniture, and the supplies last a long time. I have plenty of paint and wax left over for other projects. Bottom line is that I created a piece of furniture for a total of $135, but I would pay $400-700 for a similar piece of furniture at Home Goods. Obviously, refinishing something with ASCP is still cheaper.

A few months have passed and the loft is pretty much furnished.  Originally, I wanted to mount the TV to the wall and use the top of the dresser for decorative purposes.  After talking to an electrician, we learned that it was going to be really expensive to mount the TV, due to the electrical set up of the room.  It may not have been my original plan, but the dresser ended up making a perfect TV stand and it has fantastic storage for all of my craft supplies!  It may just be my favorite piece of furniture in the loft:)

Just for fun, I’ll end this post with one last before and after picture of this successful furniture redo:)


  1. I am a huge fan of this look- in fact i have a plan to do like this..specially your color for table looks charming...Love it.

    Home Furniture

  2. how long did you wait till you put the tv on the stand? i just made a stand and was wondering if i really needed to wait the 21 day cure time?

  3. I never use wax, I have always used a stain overtop my paint after distressing. But I LOVE how this turned out, I think I might try it with the wax. This is a beautiful piece!