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Monday, April 8, 2013

Goodwill Desk Gets a Green Makeover


I’m trying to catch up on the blog this moth by posting projects that I’ve completed over the past year, but for whatever reason never made it to the blog until now. 

Last spring, I purchased this desk from Goodwill for $25 and gave it a fresh look with some green paint.
I purchased the desk, because I was getting sick of the hubs leaving the mail or the bills all over the kitchen counter.  Apparently, the cute red mail organizer wasn’t working for him, so I knew I needed a desk with at least one drawer for our organizational needs.

I wish I had a before picture of this desk, but I don’t.  Basically, it looked like a paint job gone bad when I purchased it.  Someone probably didn’t know what they were doing when trying to give it a new look, got frustrated, and then chose to donate it.  Their misfortune was my luck, because I really love this piece.

This refinish was really easy.  1) I cleaned the surface.  2) I lightly sanded it to give it to smooth out the surface.  Had someone else not tried to paint it, I probably could have skipped this step.  3) I painted on one coat of Zinsser 123 Primer.  This stuff is the best primer, and you can usually skip  sanding when you prime with it.  For this piece of furniture I chose to use and angled brush rather than my trusty sponge roller, simply because there were a lot of nooks and crannies to paint on this particular piece.  4) Lastly, I painted on two coats of Sherwin Williams Jalapeño Pepper.  I happened to have a sample of this color in satin finish from when we were choosing colors for our downstairs powder room.   
Samples cost around $6 at Sherwin Williams. The color didn’t work for the powder room, but I think it made a great color for this desk.

I think this desk turned out great, and has been a nice pop of color in the kitchen for about a year now.
Tomorrow I’ll post about the up-cycled desk organizers I used for this green beauty.

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  1. I love this desk! The color is so bright and cheery. My hubby needs a place for bills too. He is so bad about just tossing them by the door.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean