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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upcycled Desk Organizers

Yesterday, I posted “Goodwill Desk Gets a Green Makeover”.  In that post I shared how a $25 desk would end up meeting all of our organizational needs for daily things like mail, coupons and bills.  Today, I want to share with you how I upcycled items that I had laying around the house to create desk organizers.  The best part is that this project didn’t cost me a thing!

I’ll start with my 1-2-3 jars.  These jars are just votive holders that I no longer used and had in a drawer labeled candles and candle holders.  Using chalkboard paint, a sponge brush, and a white painter marker (all of which
I already had in my craft drawer), I turned these votive holders into storage for items like paper clips, binder clips and push pins.  If you don’t have votive holders on hand, they are really inexpensive and can be found for less than $1 just about anywhere.  Underneath the votive holders is a note pad and a piece of cut scrapbook paper.  The polka dot scrapbook paper is just for looks.  I thought it accented the desk nicely.

I often purchase fresh flowers every few weeks for my kitchen table and coffee table.  I happened to have this small vase from a garage sale. I think I paid a quarter for it and knew I’d eventually have a use for it.  When I tied a black ribbon around it and added a flower or two from my kitchen table, it became a lovely accent for the kitchen desk.  The ribbon was actually salvaged from a gift set that someone got me at Christmas.  I always try to save stuff like that and put it in my craft drawer until I find a use for it.

An empty pickle jar and some twine from my craft drawer was all it took to create this storage for my basic house items like scissors, tape measure, hammer, screw driver and flash light. 

In case you are wondering, a while back I purchased my black and green girl tools at Stein Mart;)  I just thought they were super cute!

To hold pens and pencils, I used an empty corn can, some scrap burlap and more of that black ribbon  I saved from a gift set someone got me for Christmas.

Lastly, I used a container that I’ve had for years to hold the excess change we have when we empty our pockets.

There ya have it!  Simple ways to organize and upcycle in a beautiful way, and you don’t even have to spend very much to do it!

I wont’ show you inside the desk drawer;) That’s my husband’s domain.  I told him that as Iong as I don’t have to look at it, I don’t care.  This desk helped solve all of our problems, and we no longer argue about something as simple as mail on the kitchen counter.

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