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Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Decoupaged Porcelain Ornament for Less Than $1

These ornaments could be adjusted for your specific needs and could be personalized with fun sayings or individual names.  For less $1, they make really great, inexpensive, personalized, quick and easy, homemade giftsJ

            For those of you who don’t know, I have a large family.  I have seven siblings, and most of them have families of their own.  In fact, my parents have seventeen grandchildren.   One of the things my mom gives the grandchildren every Christmas is an ornament.  This year she wanted to give ornaments that specifically said, “You’re My Favorite” to each grandchild, because thy all seem to think that they are Grandma’s favorite, even though Grandma is constantly reminding them that they are all her favorite.  It has kind of become a joke between all them, so my mom asked me to make the ornaments.  She instructed me to make them on a tight budget, since she needed me to make seventeen of them.  Oh, and I shoud also mention that I needed to make all of them before Thanksgiving, because my family gets together to celebrate Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I was able to make all of the ornaments for about $13.  That’s less than $1 for each ornament.  Not too bad, if I day say so myself;)


Porcelain Ornament – $1 at Hobby Lobby, but I wait for them to go half off.  I was able to get all 17 ornaments for $.50 each

Scrapbook Paper – .$.59 per sheet at most craft stores, but I always wait for them to go on sale for 5 for $1.  I used 4 pieces of Christmas scrapbook paper for this project.  Christmas wrapping paper would also work for this project.

Mod Podge – Usually about $6 for a standard bottle, but most stores have coupons for one item in their weekly ads.  I always have this on hand, so I didn’t need to buy any for this project. 
Small Foam Paint Brush - $.44 at most stores.  I like using these for small decoupage projects, because they are inexpensive and they cover well.

Paint – I used spray paint, only because I had plenty of silver on hand and wanted an even coverage.  C raft paint would also work

Computer – I used the computer to print my phrase, because I had so many ornaments to make.  Stickers would work too, but it could get costly if you have multiple ornaments to make.

Ribbon - $1.99 at most craft stores.  I got mine half off for $1.


Trace ornament over the back side of paper twice (two circles per ornament).  Cut out all circles.  Lay all ornaments flat on an area prepped for paint.  Paint one side and let dry.  Once dry, paint the other side and let dry.   Decoupage circle to one side and let dry.  Once dry, decoupage other circle to the other side and let dry.  Print out words, cut using a cutting board and decoupage to front side ornament.  Once ornament is completely dry, put the ribbon on the ornament and hang on tree or wrap as a gift. J

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