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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mom's Hot Chocolate Mix

           I have fond memories of my mom’s hot chocolate when I was a kid.  I always knew that cold winter days were approaching when the giant red container made its way out of hiding and found its home on the kitchen counter.  And there it would remain until the days grew longer and the temperature warmer.   Filled with a creamy, chocolaty, powdery mixture, the red container meant all sorts of warm and fuzzy things to me as a child.  A warm cup of Mom’s hot chocolate meant chilly nights, snowy days and above all else…..Christmas!  Now that I’m older, I whip up a batch of this every year, and one batch lasts me an entire winter season.  Some day, I hope my kids will be able to look back and have fond memories of their childhood every time they drink a warm, delicious cup of Mom’s Hot ChocolateJ.

One Box of Powdered Milk (25.6 oz)
One Container of Powdered Coffee Creamer (15 oz)
Half of a Bag of Powdered Sugar
One Container of NesQuick Chocolate Powdered Drink Mix (10.9 oz)

Mix ingredients together in large bowl and put in storage bag or container for future use.  For each serving use a 2 to 1 ratio of hot water to hot chocolate mix.  This mixture is meant to be more creamy than chocolaty, so you can use whatever ratio taste best for you.  For my morning coffee cup, I usually use one cup of water to one half a cup of the mix, but you can mix it to taste the way you like it.

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