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Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY No Sew Kid's Bench Cushion

This is a project that I really wished I would have taken pictures  of as I went along.  It’s not a hard project, but I’m not so sure it is going to be easy to explain.  I will do my very best to make it sound as easy as it was.
The first thing I did was cut a piece of one inch foam to fit the top of my bench (bench was purchased from Amazon and the canvas totes from Target).  I had the foam from a previous project so I didn’t have to buy it. Then I cut a piece of batting from a previous project. The batting needed to cover the top and sides of the fabric, so I cut a little extra and tucked it under the bottom of the foam to secure the batting to the underside of the foam using hot glue. Because I didn’t want to sew anything for this project, hot glue was my choice of adhesive. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it works. 
Once my foam and batting were attached, it was time for the fabric. I basically wrapped my foam with the fabric the same way I would wrap a present. I took a piece of fabric that was probably two inches longer than the width of the cushion and two inches longer than the length of both the front and back of the cushion. And from there I just sort of wrapped it. Making sure everything was glued nice and neatly, and that all of my edges looked hemmed even though they were glued.
When the boys get older, I will probably Velcro the bottom of the cushion to the top of the bench to keep it secure, but for now the cushion just sits on the bench.
And that’s pretty much it. I bought the fabric from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon from the weekly ad. I purchased one yard of fabric.  Like, the fabric for the curtains and the crib skirt, this fabric was thicker fabric for upholstery.  I loved the little blue and green automobiles.  I thought it went perfect with my blue and green canvas bins.  The fabric was marked $7.99, so this cushion cost me around $5 to make.

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