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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little Boy Bathroom

Today I’m finishing up my blog series about our twin nursery.  I thought I’d finish things up with a post about the bathroom off the boys’ room. 

First, we took down the light fixture and the mirror, filled the necessary holes and painted the bathroom “hearts of palm” by Sherwin Williams.

Then, we replaced the light fixtrure with an updated fixture that I found from Goodwill.  I kid you not, it was only marked $10. And even better is that I only paid $5 for it, because I purchased it on the first Saturday of the month when everything in the store is half off.

Next, we replaced the mirror with a $30 oval mirror found at Kirkland’s during their mirror sale.  I really think the updated fixture and mirror give the bathroom a lot of character.

Lastly, I spent less than $50 to decorate the bathroom by adding a shower curtain from Target, rugs from Wal-mart, little ducky soap dishes from the Dollar Tree, a red storage bin from Hobby Lobby, and a fun life boat décor for the door.

And that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed this blog series.  Check out my project gallery page to find all of the nursery projects and more!

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