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Saturday, February 25, 2012

4 Pasta Canisters from Recylcled Target Containers for $4

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog post, I’ve been attempting to reorganize the pantry. In addition to storage items that I already had, such as a few Ikea canisters and a collection of wicker baskets, I recently added the following to meet the storage needs in the pantry:  glass containers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby when glassware was half off in the weekly ad, a few recycled Target containers that I used for storing pasta and my DIY  Canisters From Rcycled Holiday Tins that I posted about a few weeks ago.

Today I want to share with you my pasta canisters from recycled Target containers.  Target has great plastic canisters in their Archer Farms grocery line.  Snack food such as popcorn, nuts and trail mix can usually be found in these containers.  The problem is that the popcorn is usually $5 each and the nuts and trail mix are $10 each.  Unless I have an actual need fro those items (which I rarely do), I’m not going to pay that much money for the plastic container when I can pay $3-4 a piece for glass canisters at Hobby Lobby or Ikea. 

Lucky for me Target happens to sell the same popcorn and nuts in their holiday section.  The only thing that makes these items “holiday”  is the festive label placed on them at Christmas time.  Other than that, they are the same items found in the grocery section.  However, that festive little label is also what makes them go half off the day after Christmas and 80% off three weeks after Christmas, which is exactly when I bought mine. 

I bought four containers of holiday popcorn on clearance for $1 each, and in addition to several evening snacks for the hubs, I walked out of the store with four perfectly good canisters for my pantry.J

Once the popcorn was finally consumed, I soaked the containers in water for several hours and took off the paper labels.  To get the remaining stickiness off of the containers, a little Goo Gone was all I needed.

So next year, when Christmas snacks go on clearance, ask yourself if you have any use for the container the snack is being stored in.  You might just find it worth your while.J

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  1. You are brilliant! I wish the timing of my own needs dovetailed with the coming across of your shopping brilliance.

    -Jeffrey Perot