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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quiet Strength Book Review

            I read my second book of the year, Quiet Strength,  last week.  I found it fitting considering all of the Super Bowl hype we've had here in Indy over the past few weeks.  I purchased my hardback edition at a garage sale this past summer for a buck.  After setting it aside in a pile of books, I figured that Super Bowl week was as good a time as any to begin reading through its pages.
            This book was an encouraging read that highlighted Coach Tony Dungy’s faith throughout his career.  I found Tony’s story to be relatable and easy to read.  It was wonderful to read his testimony as he stressed the importance of doing right even when it's not always popular.  I was also encouraged as he wrote about how God’s plan is not always our own plan.  Difficulties come to all of us and can cloud our vision and understanding for a short time, but in the end, aren’t we glad that He knows best. 
            In a world of NFL coaches and players that aren’t always the best example for a younger generation to look up to, Coach Dungy’s integrity and character make me proud to say that he was the coach of the Indianapolis Colts during an era where football meant so much to this city.  In fact, if it weren’t for Dungy’s efforts, last week’s championship game may not have been played in Indy.  
          I'd recommend this book for anyone young and old alike.  I think I talked about how much I liked it so much to my husband that even he, who HATES reading but loves sports, may give this book a try;)


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