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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1.....

          February 1….how can it be?  One month of 2012 is already gone.  Seriously, where does the time go?  Winter is almost over, and before we know it spring will be here.  Although, around here it has surprisingly felt like spring for most of this winter, considering our abnormally mild temperatures.  I hope that doesn’t mean that it will feel like winter when spring arrives.  Sadly, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  When it comes to the weather, anything can happen around here.
            We have had an exceptionally mild winter this year in my neck of the woods.  That was made clearer to me today as I was struck by an unusual appearance driving home from work.   While I was patiently waiting for my light to turn green in a nearby school zone, I noticed a high school boys sport team crossing the street in front of me.  That’s not uncommon really, but what was uncommon was the apparel they were wearing, or lack thereof, on this the first day of February.  Believe it or not, this group of boys was sporting their jogging shorts and nothing more.  No pants….no jackets…not even a shirt….and the crazy thing is that their choice of apparel is completely justifiable, considering the fact that the temps have been in the low to mid sixties this week.  
            More ironic to me than the fact that I drove by shirtless runners, in central Indiana in the middle of winter, was what the morning news brought to my attention today.  One year ago today, we were under a blizzard warning that turned out to be the huge ice storm of 2011.  Looking back on that storm and all of the other snow storms we had last year, and then looking out my opened window on this warm sunshiny day as I am typing this post, I am only reminded that you never know what kind of weather you are going to get in the Midwest ......or when you will get it. 
          It was said this week that the Indianapolis Super Bowl committee had to have emergency plans for snow, ice, rain, tornadoes and fog, because we have been known to have all of those things this time of year.  We’ve actually had all of those things in the past thirty-one days. However, today we only have warm weather and lots of sunshine:)  I’ll take that over snow and ice any day;) 
        Here's to warm February days!   May the remaing twenty-eight days of February be as beautiful as today.....I doubt that will actually happen, but I can dream can't I;)

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