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Monday, April 27, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 9 (Photo Booth)

Fun photo booths are all the rage right now at parties.  They usually aren't even booths, but rather a designated area for silly pictures with fun props.  I've seen these fun photo booths at all different kinds of events.  Everything from wedding graduation open baby showers and birthday parties ~ photo booths are all the rage.

I knew I wanted to have a photo booth for my twin boys' Dr. Seuss first birthday party.  I found Dr. Seuss photo props at several different Etsy shops, but chose not to buy them.  I also considered making my own by using free clip art and printing them onto card stock, cutting out the props and taping the props to craft sticks.  

I was going to go the DIY route, until I found a pack of photo props at Hobby Lobby for $5.  No, they weren't Dr. Seuss, but they were still fun.  The pack was full of all sorts of card stock props on craft sticks and had everything from bow ties to hats. 

In addition to my package of photo props, I added a boa and a Dr. Seuss hat to the basket of props.  The boa was purchased from the craft store and the hat was borrowed from a friend.

I had my photo booth area on an empty wall by our bedroom, where I knew there wouldn't be too much foot traffic. I also happened to find a Dr. Seuss dry erase board from Target's Dollar Deals and hung it on the wall of my photo booth.  I placed all of the photo props in a plastic basket from the boys bathroom (purchased from the Dr. Tree) and set the basket on top of a stool placed in a corner.

We made sure to get pictures of all of the guests dressed up with the photo booth fun. That's really what the photo booth is about.  It's just about making memories with silly pictures.  

I'm not sure how all of the guests would feel about me putting pictures up of them on my blog, so I'll just share our family picture from the party.  Mommy chose the boa, Daddy chose the hat, Ethan had a mustache (that he was more interested in eating than keeping by his mouth for a picture, Ha!) and Aaron had a bow tie (that he thought he'd tear apart before we could snap a picture of us, Ha).  

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