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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 8 (Drink Table)

I am almost to the end of my blog series on the Dr. Seuss first birthday party we had for our twin boys.  Yesterday I shared with you the food/snack table and the dessert table. This afternoon, I want to share with you how we did the the drink table for the party.  

Because this party was an in-home party upstairs in our loft area, I had to be resourceful and use whatever I could find for tables.  Our drink table was actually just two wooden filing cabinets that are usually behind the couch in the our loft.  I pushed the filing cabinets against a wall, placed a plastic table cloth over them that I got from Walmart in the party section for $1, and wa-lah...all of a sudden I had a place to put drinks.  

Ok, so lets talk drinks.  I saw all sorts of cute Dr. Seuss drink options on Pinterest with fun Dr. Seuss names.  The problem was that I didn't want to use any open cups for the party.  Normally, I don't care if people have open cups in my house (as long as they use coasters, Ha!).  This particular party was being held in an area of our home where people were eating and drinking in chairs without tables, and therefore were more than likely going to be setting their drinks on the floor.  Are you following me here?   My mommy brain was seeing thirty open cups on the floor and several little kids, five years old and under, running around the open cups, potentially knocking over and spilling the liquids in the open cups.  Yeah, my mommy brain was saying, "no open cups for the party."  That's why I chose water bottles as the main drink, which most adults would want.  Low sugar juice boxes were also offered, which most moms would want for their little kids.  The squeeze-its were also offered. Honestly, I bought them because they looked fun on my table, but also because bigger kids would like those over the less flavorful juice boxes.

I also chose to place the plates, napkins and utensils on the drink table, only because I did not have room on any of the other tables.  I think I bought the blue dessert plates, forks and spoons from the Dollar Tree.  The napkins were from Walmart.  The large polka dot plates were from Hobby Lobby, purchased using the weekly 40% off coupon.  The forks and spoons were placed in a wire basket from my pantry.  The party favors that I shared with you this morning in this blog post, were also displayed on the table.

For decorations, I hung Dr. Seuss quotes on the wall, along with a couple of tissue paper flowers.  I also used a crate to display the water bottles in.  I bought the crate as a photo prop for the boys' one year old pictures and decided I could use it on the drink table to get a little more use out of it. On top of a the crate, I put a Dr. Seuss stuffed animal and book that the boys had given to them by a friend.  I made the fun Dr. Seuss water bottle labels myself.  I loved the idea of the labels. I only made them, because it was cheaper than buying them from Etsy shops.  Below, you will find how I made some of the decorations, as well as my list of things to buy for the drink table.

Things to Make:
Water Bottle Labels
Supplies: computer, printer and paper
Directions:  I Googled "red and white striped paper", found a pattern I liked, copied and pasted the image inside of a text box in Microsoft Word.  I adjusted the size to be what I needed for the water bottle labels.  Using shapes in Microsoft Word, I placed a circle in the middle of my red and white water bottle label. I then Googled "free Thing One and Thing Two Dr. Seuss clip art" and found an image I liked.  I copied the image and placed it in another text box that I formatted with out lines. I placed that text box with the Thing One and Thing Two image in the middle of my circle.  Lastly, using Cosmic Sans font, I wrote Happy Birthday above Thing One and Thing Two image, and I wrote the birthday boys' names below Thing One and Thing Two image.  Once I had completed one water bottle label.  I copied and pasted the entire label enough times to fill one page.  I then printed as many pages as I needed for my water bottles.  
JUST SO YOU KNOW: Because, I was using my own color ink, and ink is expensive, I did not make enough labels for all 48 bottles of water.  I made just enough for the water bottles that were displayed on the table (I think about 20).  The extra water bottles were on the floor in the corner next to the table.  I brought the extra water bottles out when we ran out of the ones on the table, but they did not have the Dr. Seuss labels on them.
Tissue Paper Flowers to hang on the wall
Supplies: green and blue tissue paper, floral wire
Directions:  Take a stack of tissue paper that has been layered by every other color and fold long ways back and forth like you would a paper fan, then fold in half and secure with floral wire, cut off the ends in a semi-circle, then pull apart and fan out the paper to look like a flower. See here for visual directions.
Dr. Seuss Quotes for the Wall
Supplies:  construction paper, glue stick, computer, printer, paper
Directions:  I found this free download for the Dr. Seuss Quotes.  After I downloaded them to my computer, I printed them on computer paper and glued them to construction paper.

Things to buy:
Water Bottles (two 24 packs)
Juice Boxes (two 8 packs)
Squeeze Its (one red pack, one blue pack)
Dinner Plates
Dessert Plates
Forks and Spoons
Red Table Cloth
Green and Blue Tissue Paper
clear party favor bags (pack of 50)
Sugar Cookie Dough (two packages)
red cookie glaze (one pouch)
white cookie glaze (one pouch)
black edible writing gel

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  1. Wow! I just love the decoration of this birthday party. The event organizer really did wonderful arrangements. Hats off to the event planner!! Anyways, can you please suggest a funky theme for my son’s 4th birthday party?