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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photo Props for our Twin Boys One Year old Pictures

This is the last post about our twin boys’ one year old photo session…. I promise.  I hope you’re not sick of seeing some of these pictures yet, because I wanted to share where I got some of the photo props for the pictures.

In my ideal world, all of these pictures would have been taken outside on a sunshiny day with plenty of green foliage in the background.  Midwest weather is somewhat unpredictable, and there was no way I was going to get beautiful green foliage in the middle of March.  Knowing that I would more than likely have to have pictures taken inside, I planned my photo props to work for indoor photos.

We got several adorable pictures of the boys in their overalls, and for a lot of these pictures we used a wooden crate and wooden letters.  I got the crate from JoAnn Fabrics on sale for $8 and the wooden letters I painted white and bought from Hobby Lobby for $2 each.  

For the few photos we were able to take outside, I used a throw from our bedroom.  I love this blanket for pictures, because it is a neutral grey with a soft texture.  I bought it from Ikea a few years ago for $7.

Earlier I shared this post about the onesies I made for their pictures.  

The banner in these pictures was very easy to make.  Using a pattern of a triangle for a banner I found online, I printed the pattern on computer paper, cut the pattern, traced the pattern over scrapbook paper, cut out the triangles and then taped the triangles to craft twine I already had.  One piece of 12x12 paper made three triangles, so I only needed three pieces of of paper.  I chose to use three different patterns of paper I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  This banner cost me less than $2 to make.  Banners sell on Etsy for a whole lot more than that, so $2 is worth the ten minutes it took to make this.

I shared in this post about the cake smash ties we used for their pictures.  The diapers are the cloth diapers the boys wear on a regular basis and were not ordered special for the pictures.   They are the alva brand and were ordered online from here.  The cupcakes were from the Kroger bakery. They are called colossal cupcakes and are sold individually for $3 a piece.

And that pretty much sums it up!  One very active toddler can be difficult to photograph, but two very active toddlers can be even more challenging.  I can't control my little guys moods when the camera comes out or how well they will cooperate, but having some sort of plan for pictures always makes things go a whole lot smoother!  And of course a good photographer always helps!  Dave at Kingfish Photography has always done a great job photographing my boys!

All pictures were taken bv KINGFISH photography and may not be copied without permission.

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