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Friday, April 24, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 4 (Look How We've Grown Display)

I knew that I wanted to have a "Look How We've Grown Display" at my twin boys' first birthday party.  I knew that some how I wanted to show how much they've grown in twelve months using pictures and some of their clothing.

I chose to display this on a sort of "clothes line".  I chose some of my favorite outfits of the boys and using clothes pins, I hung the clothing to craft twine or bakers twine.  Fair warning: the clothes were heavy!  I thought I could just tie the twine to command strips, but the weight of the clothes was too much.  I ended up tying the twine to two nails and then adding a nail in the center to help hold the weight.

To display pictures, I ordered a printable PDF file with 24 stickers/labels of baby milestones.  I printed this file on card stock instead of stickers, and then cut the circles out and glued them to each picture.  I ordered these from this Etsy shop for $3.00.  

Once I cut out the labels, I went through my photos and picked out pictures of the boys throughout the year to go with the labels that I ordered.  I printed the photos at Walmart's instant print station.  I glued the printed photos to some scrapbook paper I already had and using tiny clothes pins, I hung them to baker's twine.

And that's how I chose to show how much my little guys have changed in twelve months!  My oh my, how they grow that first year!  There are so many changes that happen in the first year, and I think that's part of what makes that first birthday celebration so special!

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